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Ensuring clinical excellence

July 7, 2022
by Healthcare World

Josie Winter, Clinical Operations Director of Advanced Clinical Solutions, explains how to help hospitals reach and secure clinical excellence

Standards are a very difficult issue to tackle in the hospital sector. In the UK we are very lucky – we have one set of rules, and one set of regulations to follow. While ensuring that you are up to standard can be a long and difficult process but identifying the issues is a much simpler part of the process, thanks to institutions such as the JCI and the CQC. 

Yet in international markets, especially so in emerging healthcare sectors, this is often not the case. There can be multiple versions of standards and regulations, or none at all, or frequent changes – making it a minefield for providers to get their care settings and hospitals truly up to scratch. All too often, governors can be unsure if they need to follow the JCI standards, or the UK or US standards, or their own local standards – and trying to do all of these is a sure recipe for failure if you don’t have a plan. 

Sometimes, it’s easier to adhere to local and national standards – lining these up with your patient needs and care, and ensuring that the clinical setting (whether it be a hospital, a clinic or a practice), truly meets the local and regional patient need. Equally, sometimes it’s best to tackle the issue by striving for a JCI or a UK-standard hospital – avoiding the issues of regional and national differences, and having a pretty concrete goal in mind. Neither of these decisions holds more merit than the other – it all depends on what your needs are. We can help you discover what these are, and realise the vision of achieving these standards. 

Advanced Clinical Solutions (ACS) is a team of highly trained healthcare professionals who are experts in patient safety, regulatory compliance and quality improvements. Having experience in both the NHS and private healthcare organisations including a large corporate med-tech organisation, ACS has developed and delivered hundreds of clinical audits and quality improvement plans. 

We apply our extensive knowledge across a number of services, adopting a ‘seek first to understand’ approach to best serve our clients different demands, needs, wants and desires. Since attending Arab Health 2022 in Dubai, the impact of technology has become apparent to me, and I can see how shared resources could be achieved with an international guidance system in place. 



Achieving enhanced patient safety through learning 

Some of our customers include nursing and care homes, private acute care and private clinics, universities and educational institutions, GP services, and legal and insurance providers, and in all these sectors we identify many key areas to target when bringing standards up to par, including: 

  • Preparing and suggesting audit levels (regulatory compliance)
  • Exceeding standards for infection prevention and control
  • Training to enable you to retrain new employees (train the trainer)
  • Leadership and coaching (as required)
  • Free updates and our latest information 

I’m proud to say we’ve worked on several projects to ensure this goal, from film studios to local health authorities and beyond. In our experience, the key is always to review risk dynamically and make sure your standards are not just up to code but even better. 

One of the best ways to do this is by sharing our networks – it can be sharing a business card at an event or even connecting on a social platform (visit us on LinkedIn). This will help us all progress as a community and effect global change. 

Sharing knowledge internationally 

Our goal is to further develop compliance at an international level, and we can achieve this collectively by learning and indeed improving from our global partners. As part of our brand ethos, it is vital that the patient should be, and always is, our number one priority. 

Following the impact of the pandemic and borders across many countries being reopened we’ve also learnt that the value of global reach is incredibly important. Being based in the UK with the ability to travel, we have learned the reach of the digital landscape, and we know by collaborating effectively there is a real opportunity to affect change. 

The most important piece in the jigsaw puzzle is the patient, who is at the heart of our work. By adopting compliant practices through clinical governance, education, learning and quality improvement, we can enhance patient outcome and ensure better environments for everyone.

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