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Whatever we do in life is better done with others

That’s true in business and it’s definitely true when approaching new international markets. And there is no sector in which it’s more true than in healthcare.

Join some of the biggest names in global healthcare. Join more than 50 suppliers, technologists, consultancies, Governments, payors and providers who are Healthcare World partners.

Join a global network which will link you to the people you need to know in the world’s only true growth industry – healthcare.

Healthcare World partnership includes: –

  • Tailored opportunities to meet your individual needs
  • Introductions to key contacts around the world
  • Full feature articles in print and online editions of Healthcare World Magazine
  • Speaking opportunities at Healthcare World Series events
  • Opportunity to join us at overseas events including Arab Health, Africa Health, Medica and FIME
  • Opportunity to submit articles for the website
  • Partner page on the website
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Ritu Chopra Director of Operations

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