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Achieving global interoperability

March 6, 2023
by Healthcare World

Group Editor Sarah Cartledge explores The Lyniate Partner Program, speaking to regional partners Mozon, Virtus Informatics, Aamal Medical and YMH-IT Solutions about their place in the ecosystem 

Lyniate collaborates with healthcare organisations around the globe delivering flexible interoperability solutions that connect people through increased access to data. The Lyniate Interoperability Suite includes Rhapsody integration tools for data exchange, master person index solutions, and semantic data quality services for mapping and normalising data, including clinical code sets. These solutions empower healthcare stakeholders to assemble and manage more complete and accurate patient information, resulting in reduced clinician burden, optimised patient experiences and a solid data foundation for reporting and analytics.

Lyniate have also established a partner program that serves as a comprehensive black book of fellow industry leaders. Together, these pioneers deliver interoperability solutions across the healthcare landscape.

“Creating a truly interconnected healthcare ecosystem is our goal, and we knew we couldn’t do that entirely on our own”, says Erkan Akyuz, Lyniate CEO. “Around the world, we partner with local market leaders to bring all the best and brightest minds in healthcare technology together in order to solve interoperability challenges for healthcare delivery organisations, national health systems, health insurance providers, healthcare technology solutions, diagnostic imaging, and reference labs”.

Digital transformation provider Mozon, systems integrator Virtus Informatics, medical equipment distributor and supplier Aamal Medical, and turnkey company YMH-IT Solutions are all part of Lyniate’s Partner Program to enhance their offering to clients.

Mozon, Lyniate Partner operating from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Founded with the mission of becoming the partner of choice for healthcare customers in driving digital transformation, Mozon is a leading partner delivering services needed to implement Lyniate Rhapsody.

We believe in strategic and long-term partnerships that are based on win-win. Lyniate’s offerings and innovation are based on healthcare industry standards and a drive for digital transformation – its portfolio is rich.”

Through the Lyniate Partner Program, local healthcare organisations benefit from access to expertise across the world. Mozon provides the benchmark for digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through innovative solution systems and a commitment to delivering excellence with state of the art solutions, Mozon is able to bring value to customers’ vision.

“In our work with Lyniate, we partner to personalise their global experience for local markets. Knowledge is the key word, we understand country initiatives and drivers, allowing us to engage in articulating business needs, and successfully deliver countrywide initiatives.”

Partnering with Lyniate presents mutual benefit. Lyniate provides partner organisations with a trusted product and an international reputation. “We find value in partnering with a global brand, a solution provider that is well-known for its secure, reliable and flexible interoperability solutions. Lyniate offerings are unique and go beyond simply delivering on one-time initiatives to supporting long-term growth”, say Mozon. “The Lyniate ecosystem is the bedrock of our digital health portfolio, it allows us to offer integrated solutions that can cover specific customer needs.”

Virtus Informatics, Lyniate Partner operating from Kuwait 

Enabling workflow efficiency through digital transformation and making data seamlessly available to stakeholders through integration, Virtus Informatics provides solutions as a systems integration partner delivering Lyniate Rhapsody.

“Rhapsody’s multi-platform integration engine gave us access to the most modern and robust system, supporting multiple integration standards. Partnering with Lyniate gives us the great flexibility of connecting many applications in a fast, reliable, secure and cost-effective manner.”

Through Virtus Informatics’ partnership with Lyniate, customers in Kuwait navigate the intensely complex landscape of healthcare information technology. Through an integrated vision, the partnership is able to offer comprehensive, reliable and long-lasting digital transformation.

As regional experts, Virtus Informatics can offer in-country knowledge and boots on the ground for prosperous stakeholder relationships, supporting cultural and organisational adoption for the Lyniate clientbase. Virtus offers market experience to enable overseas operators to bridge complex, multi-channel systems and deliver analytics across the expansive healthcare environment in the Middle East.

“Through our partnership with Lyniate we solve the communication barriers, irrespective of any HL7 version – V2 and V3 – and customers become ready for the future. Together, we support protocols such as SOAP, REST, SFTP, FTP and TCP, enabling connectivity to almost any type of system or device.”

“With many years of experience, and having introduced many cutting-edge technologies, we have gained a reputation as the preferred digital transformation partner for hospitals across Kuwait. We provide the right combination of technology solutions, seasoned healthcare professionals, clinical experience and advanced analytics capabilities. We undertake the responsibility of foreseeing the apparent risks that healthcare organisations struggle with. We can develop flexible strategies to eliminate those risks.

This impressive set of skills promoted through the Lyniate Partner Program further expands the reach of both Virtus Informatics and Lyniate. Lyniate clients benefit from Virtus Informatics’ position in Kuwait to aid transactions and negotiations. The complicated buying process, as an example, can be sped up by Virtus Informatics ability to see a gap in the market and anticipate the need for specialist solutions, enabling the initiation of purchases.

Aamal Medical, Lyniate Partner, Qatar 

Leading strategic healthcare partner in Qatar, Aamal Medical provides end to end support to its clients throughout the supply chain and lifecycle from sourcing, delivery, implementation and maintenance. “The Aamal Medical and Lyniate partnership is based on a shared vision, it is a natural partnership. We believe the integration of applications will help healthcare delivery be more innovative and affordable.”

With ease and robustness, Rhapsody integration engine provides a stable foundation upon which Lyniate Partners can build the required architecture with confidence. Aamal Medical supports their clients by adding innovative layers on top of these foundations, including process experience, required applications and human capital.

“Being able to integrate without boundaries is the freedom we need as our customers have the freedom to choose from among the best, as well as maintaining a very competitive environment for solution providers. This helps reduce the costs which eventually pays back the investment into a robust integration engine.”

Through the Lyniate Partner Program, Aamal Medical is able to offer more than 20 years of market experience, allowing for the highest level of information to be accumulated and distilled.

“Most importantly, partnering with Lyniate brings us the cultural element of interoperability thinking. Sophistication of the ecosystem defines the innovation potential in any system. Lyniate gives both us and our customers the flexibility to target the best solution available – it reduces the vendor lock-outs, creating a healthy and functioning ecosystem.”

YMH-IT Solutions, Lyniate Partner based in Bahrain 

Focusing on turnkey Solutions, YMT-IT Solutions provides automation system integration solutions across Bahrain. With ten years’ experience, YMH-IT Solutions is able to deliver excellent local knowledge and cultural insights to their clients across the healthcare landscape.

As YMT-IT says, “We were looking for the best partners to help us integrate multiple solutions. Since medical equipment and data plays a very important role in this field, we had to ensure we chose the right partner, with the right solution and the right team to implement the requirements. With Rhapsody we were sure we could achieve big results and we have not been disappointed. In Bahrain, all the hospitals with automation run with Rhapsody as the middleware integration engine.”

Bahrain has developed inhouse HIS systems, with YMT-IT Solutions providing 33 types of equipment to the HIS, with the support of Lyniate Rhapsody. “Lyniate proves to be the bridge between these systems.”

For both Lyniate and YMT-IT Solutions, interoperability is in their company DNA. Through connecting multiple vendors via one platform, YMT-IT Solutions is able to create a complete interoperability ecosystem with Lyniate.

Building for the future 

“Everyone is trying to ‘do’ interoperability”, Akyuz says. “For that they need a certain toolbox, which we deliver through the Lyniate Interoperability Suite and an extensive network of trusted partners”.

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