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Revolutionary cancer testing service expands to India

May 17, 2022
by Healthcare World

CanCertain announces the adoption of their services to cancer patients in India.

A cancer diagnosis can be a time of great fear and uncertainty. Suddenly, cancer patients’ lives are flipped upside down, and what to do next can be a daunting and worrying prospect. 

Correct testing, a sure diagnosis, and the right treatment plan are absolutely vital at this stage, and even more so is the requirement to put this plan into place as soon as possible. This is why CanCertain, a revolutionary cancer diagnosis and personalised treatment service, is working to make this process as seamless as possible.

Using advanced cell culture techniques, CanCertain can recommend personalised cancer treatments to clinicians, thus improving the patient quality of life and increasing efficacy in eliminating cancer cells. 

With a turnaround time of just 8 working days after receiving a biopsy or blood sample, CanCertain’s personalised plan helps the patient begin the most effective cancer treatment, increasing the chances of early recovery. 

Now, CanCertain has announced the expansion of its services to cancer patients in India. CanCertain tests have been approved by an Indian health insurance scheme, which will allow patients with health insurance policies to benefit from CanCertain’s tests, enabling them to identify effective chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments prior to the commencement of treatment. 

In addition, CanCertain announced the signing of a hospital group to use their tests as part of their Cancer treatment programme for patients. Clyz Labs, an Indian subsidiary of CanCertain, will work with this hospital group to enhance cancer treatment and patient benefit outcomes. 

“The insurance reimbursement approval is expected to be the first of many in the Indian Health Insurance market following strong support for the adoption of CanCertain in the treatment pathway by leading Indian oncologists,” says Dr Himanshu Kataria, CEO of CanCertain.

“CanCertain tests are also being reimbursed retrospectively by other insurers and CanCertain intends to on-board other insurers in the near future. This validates the impact of CanCertain tests on cancer patients.” 

“We look forward to working closely with our partnered hospitals to bring CanCertain tests to all cancer patients being treated at these hospitals. This partnership with a leader in cancer treatment delivers an increase in effective patient treatment at the earliest stage of diagnosis,” says John McKinley, Non-Executive Chairman of CanCertain.

“Having completed its patent filing this year, CanCertain’s management is also rapidly achieving its ambitious commercial plans with key partnerships. We are now progressing a similar strategy for the  adoption of CanCertain tests in other countries as part of our mission to provide global cancer  patients with a better chance to fight cancer.” 


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