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As we emerge from the global pandemic, we’re ushering in a whole new era of global collaboration in healthcare


The COVID-19 vaccine and the Covax programme are both great examples of multi country approaches to the delivery of healthcare, and we will see more and more examples of international collaboration in the coming years.

This, of course, presents huge commercial opportunities to innovators, suppliers, consultants and technologists to help with the delivery of healthcare beyond their own borders – and that’s where Healthcare World can help. Clearly Healthcare World’s magazine and events can help partners to meet new customers and market their products, but entering a new market is about more than just a good product and the ability to sell it for a keen price. That’s where the Healthcare World International Business Development Consultancy comes in.

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Emma Sheldon CEO

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“Never a better time to
go global in healthcare”


My own career experience, taking a UK healthcare company into more than 50 countries around the world, meant I was lucky enough to be awarded an MBE for services to export. We did it by ensuring we understood the culture, health system requirements, payor models and marketplaces for healthcare in the countries we wanted to work in.

We also ensured we had robust and reliable local partners and advisors, an understanding of the regulatory requirements of the countries we wanted to work in, and good relationships with both our own embassies in the region and other companies from our home nation who had entered the market previously.

That need for strong commercial partnerships, both at home and overseas, was never more obvious than in one of my most recent roles helping UK NHS organisations become export ready at the UK Department for International Trade.

Through the Healthcare World International Business Development Consultancy we’re able to offer a comprehensive package that gives you market and customer access through our contacts built up over 10 years in the international healthcare space. It also provides access to the connections, know how, experience and knowledge that I’ve gained in taking UK healthcare organisations international during the last 10 years.

For those new to export, that might start with some work around your international readiness, offering and an understanding of which international markets would be the best to focus on, given what you offer.

For more experienced businesses it might be the design and implementation of a full international strategy, or the strategy and business development plan for entering a specific healthcare market, or a review of your existing strategy by an experienced fresh pair of eyes.

We can provide full marketing support, business development work, introductions services, strategic insight and a whole range of other services. Just drop me an email to find out what we can do for you.

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